Printing on a “Book Machine”

Forget Me Not

Phone thumbnailOn December 28th, 2015 I was interviewed once again by Greg Mackling of CJOB Radio, Winnipeg. The topic of our conversation was my latest writing project “Forget Me Not – A Bouquet of Stories, Thoughts and Memories” which was printed on an Espresso Book Machine at the Nanaimo Harbourfront Library in order to give me some “proofing” copies. This video captures that conversation. The book is expected to become available in early 2016.

CJOB Interview

DSC06738A radio program that will interest everybody: Greg Mackling of CJOB Radio in Winnipeg asked me if I care to talk about the different types of publishing. I had told him about my experience with the “Espresso Book Machine” popping out a book every 15 minutes once it is “uploaded”. My newest book, “Forget Me Not – A Bouquet of Stories, Thoughts and Memories” was printed on the machine, just to get some copies before it is published in January. I wanted copies to use as Christmas gifts! It’s rather expensive for a limited number of copies but a perfect way for people who just write for fun, write their life story for their family and want something of lasting value and “purrrrrfect gifts” for their loved ones. So listen to the program at 10.30 AM Pacific time (12:30 p.m. CT) on Monday, Dec. 28th on CJOB – and click on “Listen Live”