We Don’t Talk About That

We Don’t Talk About That

An Amazing Story if Survival

Hardcover: 978-1-4602-3207-1
Softcover: 978-11-4602-3208-8
eBook: 978-1-4602-3209-5

Cover-8 3-DAfter a happy childhood in the country little Gila’s childhood was over when she was only eleven. Unbelievably gruesome experiences during the last stages of WW II and nearly dying from diphtheria during a three week “walk to nowhere” aged her before her time. Upon recovery from typhoid fever she took responsibility for her three siblings while her mother worked and also when she was hospitalized. Her father had been taken to Siberia and reported dead.

Gila’s intermittent schooling and subsequent dropout did not deter her from following her desire to become a PhysEd teacher. Success in kayak competitions were her joy. The division of Germany into East and West with its political ramifications caused her to escape to West Germany. Her indomitable spirit enabled her to fulfill an old dream. However, life as a traveling company representative as well as an unwanted affair made her life very stressful. Finally, a confrontation with a rapist led to the wish to go far, far away, to be “free”.

This is the story of just one family yet millions of women of all ages were raped. Asking these women about those horrors they would answer “We Don’t Talk About That”.

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