Giselle Roeder

Giselle Roeder

Giselle Roeder

Born prior to WW II Giselle Roeder spent her early life in the relatively tranquil setting of a rural village in Pomerania. The bloody trauma and aftermath following the Russians occupation of Germany meant that she and her family became displaced persons. Despite the interruptions to her education Giselle eventually qualified as a Physical Education teacher before escaping to the west. There she was obliged to start her life all over again, recommence her training and eventually became a health educator.  Following her emigration to Canada Giselle became a successful business woman and international public speaker. She has written two books regarding healthy living previously but in this first part of her autobiography she relates her early life and the episodes about which so many German women were reluctant to talk.

The Photo Gallery contains numerous family photos some of which were rescued from the farmyard manure pile after the Russians had ransacked the family home. To see where all these folk fit check out the family tree below:

Family tree

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