3 thoughts on “PHOTO GALLERY

  1. From what I have so far read you are a wonderful writer. I believe I will have a very difficult time reading your book – the tears will get in the way.


    • Thank you Earlene. Yes, some times it gets quite dramatic but then there are pages when you will smile, even laugh out loud – it’s like waves. Ups and downs…


  2. I loved every minute of reading this book. How brave of Giselle to sit down and go through all her memories again, in order to share this wonderfully written book with the world. The quality of a good book for me, is when it can make you laugh, cry, count your blessings, and not want it to come to an end. This book achieved all of those things. I have learned over my lifetime, that everyone has a story and some will share that story and some won’t. I’m glad that you shared your story, Giselle and hope that many have a chance to read it.


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