The Hottest Way to Good Health – 2002
ISBN 1-55312-034-5

Scan0014.tif“If spirits, tar and sauna don’t help, the disease is deadly.” That is what the Finnish say!

This easy to understand book gives you not just the medical background of the effect of the sauna on your body systems – but explains in detail how to get the best results of a “sauna bath”: be it the Finnish dry sauna, the bio sauna, the tropical bath or the steam bath, depending on which makes you feel better. Did you know that you should never go into the sauna when you are wet? Did you know that you will not get into a good healthy sweat of you are sitting on the lowest bench? Did you know what happens to your body if you are wearing a tight bathing suit? Did you know why the sauna is not a place for socializing or drinking alcohol?

There are many more “Did you know…” explanations and, after reading this delightful book you will want to install a sauna in your home. You will understand the great health benefits for yourself and your family.

Available from:

AmazonChapters/Indigo – Barnes & Noble

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