My special Grandmother Martha:

I thought more of my grandma last night than I did for years! Incredibly, she had nine children, but only five lived. Three girls, two boys, one of them my dad. It was a time when people wanted more children, it was their ‘insurance’ for their old age. It didn’t always work that way. I remember her saying bitterly, “Gila, one mother can raise and care for nine children, but nine children can not care for one old mother.” Sad, isn’t it? Well, I have my own experience. Even with fewer than nine that I cared for… I’m just re-reading my immigration tale, “Flight Into the Unknown.” Now, with a year since the publication, I read it with new eyes, see it from more distance… my goodness, how could she – how did she – wasn’t she old enough to think this through? As her dear old dad said? Quite a read! I understand the man who said to me over a year ago: “I’m not a reader. I always skip pages. Your book? I read every word…”

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Author: - there was so much I never talked about and now, that my memoir "We Don't Talk About That" is written I can't stop talking about it. And the reviews I get are awesome; so I think this book needed to be written. Interesting that I receive many e-mails from people who read the book and now tell me their similar stories... Did I open "a can of worms?" I think there are so many people who carry a heavy memory load and they do need to "unload". But interesting enough, even more people want to know MORE of my life and therefore I am working on a sequel.

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