“Flight Into The Unknown” – now published

Are you curious about an adventure into the Great Unknown? On another continent? Experience a different life with its ups and downs? Step into the shoes of an immigrant with limited knowledge of English! You will struggle to get to know the penfriend you married and deal with a lovable little stepdaughter. You will realize it wasn’t all gold that glitters, and what you innocently believed was the truth was not. Was to fulfill yourself a dream the biggest mistake of your life? Sorry, sweety, you can’t change anything; all your earthly goods are in a big container on a ship sailing the high seas to arrive in three months. You make the best of your situation, face many challenges, move from the beautiful first landing to another city – you cry more than ever in your life but grow stronger in mind and soul. You learn to pray from all your heart – and hope that one day, you get your reward.

The above is just the beginning of my story in “Flight Into The Unknown.” You’ll laugh, and you’ll cry with me; you’ll be at my side when I’m thinking of suicide. You’ll be amazed by how I build a successful business. You will be afraid of my wellbeing after an experience at a New Years’ party. Yes, it changed everything once more – but I’ll let you read about that yourself.

I finally finished the sequel to my WWII memoir, “We Don’t Talk About That.” Many of you have waited patiently, sent me occasional reminders. Thank you! The first appearance of my new ‘baby’ is in the form of an e-book since a printed version will still take some time.

The ebook is now available from Smashwords (Kobo, Kindle Nook and PDF), Kobo (Kobo only) and Kindle (Kindle only). Hard copies are available from Amazon.

5 thoughts on ““Flight Into The Unknown” – now published

  1. Morning Giselle. Great news, been waiting a long time to get you off that airplane to Canada, but will have to wait a bit more as I like hard copy books not e books.

    Do not know if this goes directly back to you or WordPress, but if to you, Happy Easter to you and Trevor from your friends at Seniors Connect/Lifeline. Miss Joan’s Parties where we used to all get together.

    Wayne and Margaret

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  2. Happy to hear from you!
    We hope you are well and keep your distance and all that. I’ll put you on my list of people who prefer the physical book. You will surely find a post on my website when its available. It all depends on the publisher. – We miss ‘the old times’ as well. Life will never be the same. Hugs without bugs to both of you!

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  3. Hi Gisele, I am very eager to read your new book but I must say I am going to hold out for a hard copy. I want to own the books you’ve written. It’s a tactile issue of mine.
    I hope you’ve had a nice Easter week-end, especially now that your book is finished.
    We’ll meet again after this is all over.

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  4. Smile! I knew that you would say that! But since we have lost touch for such a long time I wasn’t sure if you would still see my post. I am glad you did. My dear ‘soulmate,’ thanks for writing! I put you on the list for a printed copy; hard copies will not be available this time because the publisher sold only a few.
    Easter Sunday was just as busy as all the previous weeks, but today was a bit easier. I have news for you: My memoir is now a trilogy, the manuscript for the sequel was just too long. There will be a last and final book: “Set Sail for Life After 50.”

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    • What wonderful news! A trilogy!! Congratulations Gisele! Life is truly very good& we soulmates stick together through thick & thin. We’ll meet again sion. xxxx

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