Water is a special element #Kneipp #Hydrotherapy

Cat in waterI have always loved water but not necessarily cold water when I was a kid, especially not when my mother splashed me with it while enjoying the beach and I was slowly entering our lake.. Nowadays I have a cold shower after a hot day. Or I use the gardenhose to let cold water run down my legs when they are hot and swollen. I let cold water run over my face every morning and concentrate on the area behind my ears. My doctor told me “if you do that daily you’ll not get Alzheimers.” (hope it’s not too late to start when you already have it). I studied “Kneipp-Hydro (water) therapy and couldn’t do without using it. Either just hot, or warm, or cold or alternate, depending on what body systems you address, what problem you wish to aliviate. You can’t fall asleep if you have cold feet. You can’t fall asleep when your feet are too hot. Read more in my “Healing with Water” book.

But would cats love water? I experienced our curious cat slipping into the bathtub when checking out the foamy ‘bubbles’ surrounding my toddler playing with them. We laughed our heads off watching the cat get out and running away. Watch this delightful video, you’ll be amazed how some cats can love water, wash themselves, wash their head, can swim, relax or cool down. You’ll have a good three minute laugh, good for your soul.

Water therapy?And cows know how to keep their “milk cool” on a hot summer day!


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