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A British author of WW I books has written the following glowing review of “We Don’t Talk About That” after reading the book in 3 days and giving it a 5 star rating on Amazon in the UK.

Bob Pickles (from Amazon.co.uk):

Giselle Roeder’s book is a vital piece of the jigsaw of suffering in World War II (& representative of civilian suffering in all conflicts). It could well have been a story of the tragedy endured by Jews, Gypsies or Polish intelligentsia perpetrated by the Nazis. It is not : it is from the other viewpoint – that of a German family (Pomeranian) caught up in a relentless & ruthless revenge policy endorsed by Stalin himself by rampaging & victorious Russian troops determined to wreak havoc on a nation who so equally ravished their own country & population. Revenge is indeed violently exacted upon the females of all ages by the terrifying & simple phrase “Frau, Komm” . Anyone who knows their history will understand the terror behind these powerful two short words. Not since the Japanese visited their venom on the innocents of Nanking or Manilla has rapine acts of such propensity been perpetrated in so condensed a period or area.
Nonetheless, ‘Gila’ & her family endure, comfort & protect each other through all adversities of starvation & illness, separation & violence in its many forms to seek salvation & safety of a kind in the West Germany of post-war Europe. Gila’s subsequent determination to educate herself & find a satisfying & humanly rewarding career is inspirational to today’s doubting youngsters. If it were not so harrowing, it should be desired reading in schools & given the same historical literary importance as “The Diary of Anne Frank”. To be read alone with a strong drink perhaps – a fine testament to the unquenchable spirit of survival & hope with the help of a few ‘angels’ along the way. My only criticism is the abrupt ending which cries out for the developing story of Gila’s emigration to Canada & adventures & subsequent career & personal life there – we all like a happy ending!
Buy, read and learn the balance of history & why the current campaign supported by Angelina Jolie & others against rape in conflict is such an important but seemingly futile message of hope. “Without hope, we are but grains of sand washed into an ocean of despair”.

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Author: - there was so much I never talked about and now, that my memoir "We Don't Talk About That" is written I can't stop talking about it. And the reviews I get are awesome; so I think this book needed to be written. Interesting that I receive many e-mails from people who read the book and now tell me their similar stories... Did I open "a can of worms?" I think there are so many people who carry a heavy memory load and they do need to "unload". But interesting enough, even more people want to know MORE of my life and therefore I am working on a sequel.