Some books I have read with links to their authors’ web sites:

Louise ElliottLouisa Elliott: A classic love story

Dec 13, 2012

Five Stars

Liams StoryLiam’s Story

Jan 19, 2014

Five Stars

Officers CodeThe Officer’s Code (The Schellendorf Series Book 1)

Oct 19, 2014

Five Stars

Versailles LegacyThe Versailles Legacy (The Schellendorf Story Book 2)

Oct 15, 2014

 Five Stars

English GeneralThe English General (The Schellendorf Series Book 3)

Oct 19, 2014

 Five Stars

Ghosts of WarThe Ghosts of War (The Schellendorf Series Book 4)

Oct 21, 2014

Five Stars

Fall of GiantsFall of Giants (The Century Trilogy, Book 1)

Aug 30, 2011

Five Stars

Winter of the WorldWinter of the World (The Century Trilogy, Book 2)

Sep 13, 2012

 Five Stars

Edge of EternityEdge of Eternity Deluxe: Book Three of The Century Trilogy

Sep 11, 2014

Three Stars

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